Mission, Vision and Values

Mission and Vision

The Centre for Tissue Engineering sources, processes and supplies
human tissue for implant, transplant and therapeutic purpose.

It is a priority to

  • Protect and respect the dignity of donors and their families
  • Be involved in the education of the medical fraternity and improving public awareness of tissue donation and transplantation
  • Procure, process and supply human tissue by implementing and maintaining high quality standards
  • Design, develop and continuously improve processes and products in our speciality
  • Place ethical research practise as the cornerstone of our organisation and to build a respected network within the scientific community, both locally and internationally.

Our Core Values

  • We treat the donor family and the donor with the utmost sensitivity and respect.
  • We do not coerce or pressure the family of a possible donor to "persuade" them to donate.
  • We cooperate with and assist other organizations and institutions who are involved in the field of organ and/or tissue transplantation.
  • We can be trusted with confidential and sensitive information and respect our tissue network and strive to be an asset and not a liability.
  • We are sensitive to the rules of any organization or company who assists us in the cause of organ and tissue donation.
  • We act within the law, always professionally and ethically, acting as ambassadors of the CTE, Tshwane University of Technology and Organ and Tissue Donation.
  • We value our colleagues and treat each other with courtesy and mutual respect.
  • We treat the body of each and every tissue donor as if it was a member of our own family.
  • We value the health and life of the recipient and never compromise on safety.