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Why Donation?

Everyone is a potential donor. The public is encouraged to discuss their thoughts about organ and tissue donation with their family members. Physicians and medical caregivers are urged to become familiar with the various donation possibilities and to pay close attention to the wishes of the family. Although not an easy task, offering the option of donation to a bereaved family often brings hope and encouragement in a tragic situation.

How Can I Make A Difference?

Discuss the possibility of tissue donation with your family members, and make sure that they understand that your wish is to be a donor after your own death.

No medical tests are required, and it is
not necessary to complete any
additional forms.

For assistance with a death referral, or to learn more about tissue donation at the time of your loved one’s passing, please contact the trained coordinator in your area:

Marna Horn

Tissue Coordinator
Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga
082 379 8536

Sister Elize Scheepers

Tissue Coordinator

Northern Cape, North West, Vaal Triangle & Free State
082 411 7109

To learn more about living tissue donation at the time of a hip transplant, please contact the trained Femoral Head coordinator for support:

Phindile Malewa

Tissue Coordinator and ULUNTU Public Awareness Officer

Sister Lia Jorge

Femoral Head Coordinator

Gauteng, Vaal Triangle, North West, Free State, Mpumalanga and Limpopo
078 845 0424

If you would like to arrange opportunities for any community education, then please contact the PR Office for support:

Solly Mnisi

Public Awareness Officer

Office Contact Details

Centre for Tissue Engineering
Building 19 D, CSIR
Pretoria, 0001


Alternatively you may contact the Organ Donor Foundation on:

Toll Free Number: 082 379 8536
Emergency/After Hours: 082 318 4376