Memberships, Collaborations and Partnerships

The Centre for Tissue Engineering is committed to supporting the entire transplant field
in South Africa and works closely with the following organisations:

Collaborations and Partnerships

In an effort to ensure that every person has an opportunity to become and organ and tissue donor, the CTE has formed several informal collaborations with various role players over the years which is based on mutual respect and trust. Facing many obstacles in this unique field of specialty, it is vital to take hands with like-minded organisations and work in unison for long term effectiveness.

Collaborations include various funerals homes, hospitals, forensic pathology, transplant centres, emergency services and other tissue and eye banks.

In 2016 a formal agreement was reached between all the tissue banks in South Africa and the Organ Donor Foundation. This collaboration aims to increase public awareness on tissue donation specifically and seeks to increase the number of tissue donors annually in our country. Partners to the collaboration include: