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Nelmari De Beer

Bone Tissue Recipient

Nelmari de Beer – Tissue Recipient

Hello! I’m Nelmari de Beer. Today, looking at me you see a healthy 28-year-old woman, but back in 2013, I suffered constant pain in my left side. Doctors’ visits turned out a series of misdiagnoses, including IBS and an appendectomy. During 2014, a large red spot appeared on my right thigh and I was referred to an Oncologist for an MRI, biopsy, and further tests. The possibility of cancer was terrifying, but results revealed a serious bacterial Infection (Staphylococcus) eroding the femur bone. There was a very real danger I could lose my leg.

The specialist explained to us that the most effective solution was a bone allograft implant, which would help the diseased bone heal in time. Although the thought of another operation really scared me, the pain was excruciating. I was constantly tired, and I had no zest for life left. I would have done anything just to feel better.

The professor cleared the infection and administered antibiotics inside my leg. After a month of navigating life with an eggshell-like bone, I received my last procedure on 23-01-2016, involving the insertion of bone tissue donated by a donor. After my bone tissue allograft, I returned for a few follow-ups to see how my leg and bone tissue were grafting. Finally, in 2017 at my last appointment Prof was satisfied and declared the surgery successful; my leg had completely healed!

Since then, I’ve experienced complications due to my weakened immune system, but my leg is still good, and pain-free.

In December 2019, I became engaged to my incredible life partner and soulmate. He literally stood by me throughout the pain, sickness, and operations. Happily, we’re expecting and cannot wait to meet our baby girl! I recently tested Covid-19 positive and was quite anxious. I self-isolated and am thankfully in good health again.

I hope that my story will inspire people to register as organ and tissue donors, and make a difference in someone’s life, just as my donor did for me. I am proud to be a registered donor, and I am incredibly thankful to my donor for giving me a second chance in life.

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