What is the difference between organ and tissue donation?

People from every walk of life depend on organ and tissue donations, regardless of race, origin, religion or language.

The need for organ and tissue transplantation is great yet impossible to overcome without people who, despite the pain and absolute finality of death, still find it within themselves to make the decision to help others in need.

Despite the fact that a person may be registered as a donor, SA law requires that the next-of-kin sign consent for the donation at the time of death. It is therefore vital that family members discuss donation well in advance to ensure that their wishes are fulfilled.

There are numerous myths surrounding the donation and retrieval process. Some people might think it is against their religion to donate, or worry that the procedure is disfiguring. Others wonder about the cost involved, or who in fact will benefit from their loved one’s donation. Even others think their loved one was too young, too old, or too sick to be a donor. The information provided on this platform is designed to address these questions.